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Who We Are ?

“ Modo Di vita ” was established in Egypt in 2011 as an Italian – Egyptian showroom based in Cairo. Over the past years, the firm has rapidly grown. In parallel, our list of trusted suppliers is growing day on day to match all customers’ tastes. Below is a briefing on their history 

Delta Salotti

Founded by Michele Paulangelo in 1989, the company moved its first steps in the padded furniture and in few years, has expanded its market share, offering high-quality upholstered products to various international customers. Now it is considered one of the top brands in Italy that provide comfortable seating and sofas.




One of the largest production companies for wooden furniture in Italy which has evolved and expanded over 50 successful years. The company is based in Fermignano, currently having a workforce of approximately 800 individuals working at 10 sites, housing 150,000 m2 of floor area and generating a turnover of 140,000,000 Euro



LAS Mobili

Established in 1976, it is considered one of the biggest office furniture factories around the world. Inspired by a strong sense of modernity, and with distinctly international business vision, Giulio Pedicone has made it one of the major Italian enterprises within the office furniture with 5 plants – all in Italy, a 121.000 m2 total area, 250 employees and 5,000 pieces per day – one every 6 seconds, its brand is spanning over 76 countries worldwide.

Thanks to our creative and talented team united by a shared passion for the Italian culture and the arts, we provide continuous innovation and exceptional customer experience. As we stand today, we have reached an extraordinary level of excellence by offering fastest delivery and installation for a 100% Italian Made Kitchens in only 48 hours, and 24 hours for the other in-stock furniture.    We are racing with time and challenging ourselves to give the optimum level of service and product.


Today we are a team of design professionals working with a highly trained and experienced eye for refined taste, high-style furniture and objects. Our work is a meticulous process of conversations, ideas, sketches, drawings and decision-making. Our goal with every project is to bring our vision, philosophy and world-view to life, but also to experiment and reinvent ourselves everytime to discover new forms of living.